Finding Midas by Russell Cleveland

Written by Russell Cleveland, the principal founder and majority stockholder of RENN Capital Group, Inc., Finding Midas focuses on a revolutionary and highly effective method for choosing the best possible companies. His secret: look at the leadership. This unique approach highlights the impact of a key individual on a company’s success—an excellent leader who believes in his or her organization, has a personal stake in the business, and possesses the abilities and vision the market demands—while grounding the strategy with quantifiable, comparable and easily accessed measures to analyze the CEO and the company.

Finding Midas explains Cleveland’s CEO assessment strategy in a manner that is accessible to beginners, while containing insights that can benefit the most experienced investor. Filled with plenty of relevant anecdotes, Finding Midas convincingly argues that the companies with the strongest and most involved leaders are the ones that bring in the biggest profits for their investors.

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What they are saying about Finding Midas

“Every serious student of investing should read this book. It should be required reading for every broker and advisor in business. Exposure to the ideas set forth would be invaluable to students in helping jumpstart their knowledge and investing experience. It’s a great read.”

—Don Hodges, chairman, Hodges Fund
Awarded 2006 Best Fund Manager by Lipper Analytical for three years among all U.S. multi-cap funds

“As founder of the 30-year-old, with chapters around the world, I claim to know more CEOs than anyone I know. But Russell Cleveland knows more about CEO wealth creation than anyone I know. In this book, Russell tells you more about wealth creation focusing on CEOs than I have done in 25 books. Russell makes it understandable how the USA’s entrepreneurial system could create the extremes of Donald Trump and Warren Buffet. And it’s quick and easy to read. Enjoy.”

--Joe Mancuso, chairman, CEO Clubs

“Finding Midas addresses the most critical element of investing in fast-growing companies—the dedication and financial involvement of the CEO. Russell Cleveland’s book could become an investing classic—original thought, simply put, backed up then by concrete illustrations that demonstrate how this thesis works. As a CEO of a fast-growing public company, I aspire to the principles that the Midas CEOs run their companies by. In this way, Finding Midas is also an excellent handbook for entrepreneurial CEOs.”

--Jonathan Merriman, chairman and CEO
Merriman Curthan Ford & Co., U.S. investments firm

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About the Author

Russell Cleveland is the president and CEO of RENN Capital Group, Inc.—and he is a majority stockholder. Mr. Cleveland is the author of several books—and his work has appeared in Texas Business Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Equities Magazine and Business Week.

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