RENN Capital Group, Inc. is a Dallas, TX, based investment management firm that is registered as an Investment Adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. RENN was founded by Russell Cleveland who currently serves as President and Chief Executive. Since 1973, RENN or its predecessor companies has been engaged in the management of a series of investment partnerships, such partnerships being principally engaged in investing in publicly traded securities of Emerging Growth Companies. Currently, RENN serves as Investment Adviser and/or Investment Manager to one United States closed-end mutual fund and one Great Britain based investment trusts.

The investment philosophy utilized by RENN
is based on a bottom-up analysis to identify and invest in small companies having the following characteristics: a defensible position in a growing industry; an established business process; solid potential earnings and cash-flow growth; attractive valuations; and quality management with a stake in the business. RENN invests in publicly traded equities and convertible debentures, but also has a strong emphasis on privately placing convertible debt with small-cap issuers.

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